Villa Lomamar

This Villa is a part of the Dominican Go family of Boutique Villas in the Dominican Republic. They offer luxury amenities and concierge services to families or large groups. Their primary services are state-of-the-art wellness retreats to help people relax, rejuvenate and reboot. They are not just a hotel or a vacation spot, they are an communal experience you take with you when you leave.


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Explore true paradise.

The inspiration for this brand comes from the physical elements of the terrain and the emotional needs people have when they visit. Because there are so many beach vacation options available, we needed to niche this brand for those seeking luxury & hospitality at its best. Villa Lomamar is not just about bodily relaxation, it’s about experiencing paradise and enjoying every moment. The villa itself is a work of art and we wanted to inject the personality of the property itself into the brand.

Defining The Brand

Because the brand is based in immersive visual elements, there was an obvious starting point. The challenge was to create something recognizable, yet unique. We pulled in the strong, jewel-toned palette of the island itself, drawing on the rich, blue waters, the lush, green hills and the beautiful orange sunsets. The lines used in the logo were also pulled out as individual brand elements to use for print and web to give the brand a cohesive feel.

We couldn't have done this without ZQ Brand. You have been such an incredible partner over the past 12 months. Thank you to all of the amazing team who worked with us!

Kemuel Jacobs, head of operations at greenhouse church