Club DeFi

Club Defi began as an outgrowth of CryptoJebb, the first brand we created for this company. Based on the engagement of their YouTube channel, they wanted to create a place to train committed individuals on how to wield cryptocurrency as a tool to build financial success. We not only built the brand, but helped them launch the online academy where the training will take place. Certain elements of the brand were determined at the beginning of the project. Others needed to be problem-solved, including a name change midway through the project. Club Defi falls under Club, the umbrella brand. Part of the strategy for this brand involved developing brand architecture according to their long-term goals.

Services Provided

Join the Club. Find Your Freedom.

This brand aimed to combine the cutting edge feel of innovation with the comradery of a welcoming community of crypto-learners. The goal of the brand is to empower everyday people to seek financial success through revolutionary means. While the courses deal with very concrete concepts, the basis of the brand is found in motivational storytelling.

Defining The Brand

As an online cryptocurrency university, Club Defi needed to draw on various visual elements to instill a sense of reliability and security. The blues and blacks evoke a corporate, financial feel, while the expressions and attire of the images project a more casual, communal atmosphere. These two styles together communicate the freedom that Club Defi ultimately offers its students.

We couldn't have done this without ZQ Brand. You have been such an incredible partner over the past 12 months. Thank you to all of the amazing team who worked with us!

Kemuel Jacobs, head of operations at greenhouse church

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