GH University

This project began with a Church trying to engage a generation steeped in a counter-Biblical culture. Greenhouse church is a passionate movement fueled by a powerful vision: See lives changed as heaven invades earth. This ministry leans heavily on a model of discipleship and radical grace. This particular campus of the church is situated in the University of Florida. While it draws all ages, it is primarily a student campus serving young adults currently experiencing the struggles of college life.

Services Provided

Love God. Make Disciples. Change the World.

Because this satellite was on a university campus, the sub-brand for this Church was geared toward a vibrant, youthful expression of Greenhouse’s overall brand. The print campaign that started this brand focused on finding the intangibles that make life worth living: love, acceptance, family, peace, rest, wisdom, purpose and clarity.

Defining The Brand

While all of Greenhouse Church’s brand communicates action and vitality, this campus in particular needed to connect these ideas to a younger crowd. To make sure this sub-brand spoke to its audience, we created a sense of energy and vigor using graffiti-style script, loud colors and hand drawn brand elements to accent colorful photography.

We couldn't have done this without ZQ Brand. You have been such an incredible partner over the past 12 months. Thank you to all of the amazing team who worked with us!

Kemuel Jacobs, head of operations at greenhouse church

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