Does your brand do its job?

You work long hours.
You give your all.
You network and pitch.
You create, post and comment.
But sometimes, hard work isn’t enough to get you where you want to go.

People don’t seem to remember you.
You struggle just to be seen.
Your company’s presentation doesn’t match your quality.
You don’t have the right language to talk about your company.
It’s hard to explain why people should choose you over someone else.
It’s easy for your company or your profile to get lost in the crowd.

Customers end up on your website and navigate back off the page.
You lose people at checkout.

You have traffic, but people don’t go where you want them to.
You wish there was a better way to succeed and you’re looking for help.

What's Missing?

Many business owners and creators think they can do without it, but here’s the fact: Successful companies have powerful brands.

Looking to set yourself apart from the competition?

A strong brand can turn a small business into a superstar.
Brand is about so much more than a logo and tagline.
Any junior designer can make you a logo and write a catchy tagline.
But is your brand strategic to your market today?
Does it tell the story your customers want to hear?
Does it make them remember you and draw them to you as the best choice?
Does it carve out a place in your industry?

If you think of the company you look up to in your industry, they have a strong brand that goes beyond their logo.
They have a language, a reputation and an experience associated with them.
They use it in every interaction people have with them.
It draws the attention of their customers and competition.

Well-Built Brands Leave a Legacy.

Many people don’t see the value of a brand because “brand” is everywhere.
A lot of brands today are shallow and anemic.
They just give you something to put on your website and business card.
That’s the difference between elementary and legacy branding.

What most brands are missing today is the long-lens of legacy.
For a brand to lead and last, it needs to be built with strategy and forethought.
We’ve taken all we’ve learned to craft a proven method that brings your brand from amateur to established.
We call it Legacy Branding.

People are not always ready to buy when they first see your brand.
But when they are ready to buy, you want to be the legacy brand that comes to mind.
You don’t have to have a giant company to be well-branded.
You can be small or local and still carry a leading brand.
The power of Legacy Brand is that it works as hard as you do, now and in the future.

Why Invest in Legacy Branding?

Many people look at branding as an unnecessary part of their business.
If they don’t have one, it’s no big deal.
But they are missing out on a powerful tool that will direct every aspect of their business.

Maybe you might think you should jump straight to marketing to grow your business.
In the short-term, you may get leads, but you’re not investing in your long-term presence.
As soon as you turn off the marketing, people will forget you exist.
A well-positioned brand takes hold in the marketplace and keeps on working even when you’re not actively marketing.

Your brand is an asset you will have for years to come.
It will grow in value over time like investing in a stock or real estate.
You want to establish a solid foundation and continue developing in the right direction.
When properly crafted, your brand will be able to generate marketing strategy, inspire company culture, and lead the way to growth.

Services Provided:
Proven Methods with Real Results

Our services fit together to form what we call our Brand Legacy Blueprint.
Through our processes of exploration, consultation and execution,
we lead your company to its best possible brand
and provide you the tools for you to wield it successfully.
Our team will work with you on how to position your brand in the market
and how to communicate your message with confidence.
The Brand Legacy Blueprint leads to compelling and effective brands that last.

Within the Brand Legacy Blueprint, ZQ provides a wide range of brand-infused services.
You’ll notice that each of our services includes consultation.
We don’t just provide our clients with files, we listen to our clients, we hone in on their pain points and equip them with the tools they need to succeed.

Just like we build each brand from scratch, we customize our Blueprint to suit your needs.
If you have any questions about our services, please book a call with our Chief Strategist for a free consultation.

Brand Discovery

Brand consultations which include an audit of your current brand, inspiration for your new brand, industry and competitor research, and direction for strategy.

Brand Strategy

Creation of a guide that explores why your company exists, what you do, who you serve, how to communicate and how to stand out from the competition.

Visual Brand Identity

Includes logo, tagline, color palette, typography and the other visual elements associated with your brand’s “look”.

Brand Materials

Customized design of your company’s social media and swag based on your brand.

Brand-Centered Website

Website design and development utilizing brand-centered mindset and focused on smooth user experience.

Brand Launch & Execution

Preparation of strategy, materials and content for your brand’s successful launch.

Creative Partnership Program

Consultation and idea curation to create customized, strategy-driven content.

ZQ is led by an experienced brand consultant, Czar Derequito,
a former Art & Creative Director for Fossil Brand
along with 14 other global brands in over 25 countries.
Our cohesive team is made up of skilled professionals from various disciplines
who are all committed to delivering high quality work to our clients.
We will collaborate, ideate and problem-solve to find the best solutions for your company
because that’s what we love to do.

You’re not just a client or a paycheck to us.
The work we do for you is not just a project.
This is your company and it’s important.
We value the work you invested to get this far.
We want to partner with you, hear about your mission
and build a legacy brand worthy of your company.

How will we do that?
By putting our systems, processes, expertise and creativity
into a customized plan built to fit your business.
By using a long-lens to craft strategy for long-term presence.
By infusing brand identity into everything we do for your business.
We offer several services to the businesses and creators who work with us.
Let’s hop on a call and find out how we can serve you.


Whitney Poma
Whitney Poma
The ZQ team was great to work with on a new product page for my e-commerce business. They were really passionate about my brand which resulted in a highly converting page. They delivered on time, on budget, and made the whole process easy. I will use them again if the time comes!
S. Baez
S. Baez
ZQ and their team including Czar and Jennifer delivered excellent and professional services! Their customer service skills are great and they make the process a unique and positive experience for the business owner. Their focus is at all times of your success and satisfaction with the main goal of making your business thrill! I will not hesitate to recommend the ZQ team to anyone looking for a reasonably priced company for branding or taking your business to another level.
Pat diaz
Pat diaz
You looking to enhance your website, or want a new one ZQ brand is the best. Czar, will custom build a website for your business. He will also help with a new brand, to give you an edge over your competitors. I highly recommend ZQ BRAND.
Gittel Fruma
Gittel Fruma
Working with the team at ZQ on my album cover and launch has been amazing. Czar has been so helpful in building on my brand and creating strategy. Vanessa is a spectacularly skilled designer and she really gave her all to my project. The whole team communicated and coordinated well. It was such an enjoyable process. If you're looking for the right team to turn your vision into reality, look no further.
William Baird
William Baird
We worked with ZQ a few months ago to rename and brand our new company and we couldn't be happier with the result. We've gotten so many compliments on our company's logo and design. They gave us the tools we needed to build our brand with confidence and the guidance on how to launch our company successfully. Czar and his team are extremely talented and I would definitely go back to them for future projects.
Jessica Lewis
Jessica Lewis
My experience with ZQ Brand was great. As a consultant myself, there is a level of expertise and knowledge that I appreciate when executing a service. ZQ Brand helped me develop my logo and brand direction. It was a thorough process and left me no room to second guess my final product. Which is what I appreciated the most. I didn’t want to leave any stone uncovered! I would definitely recommend!
Laurie J
Laurie J
My experience with ZQ Brand was so delightful! They were there every step of the way to answer questions, offer creative insights and make our project successful! I would highly recommend this organization to anyone seeking to create a new look or reach a far greater audience for their business. You won't be sorry!
Gemima Rosier
Gemima Rosier
ZQ prioritzes their clients and brings their vision to life!! We had a great experience with them 🙂
Ana Newman
Ana Newman
ZQ really executed the vision for my logo and brand! I love the way it came out! They took the time to understand what I wanted and consulted with me to make sure I was happy each step of the way. They are highly professional and provide excellent quality! Highly recommend!